Show Gardens is a company specializing in landscape design and landscape architecture and take great pride in what we do. We also specialize in irrigation and offer tree felling as part of our services.

We install grey water treatment systems as well as ozone generators for the treatment of the grey water and/or borehole water (oxidizes metals and drastically reduces scale build up in geysers, etc.).
Our ozone generators can also be attached to irrigation systems for the purposes of killing harmful bacteria in the piping of the irrigation system and aeration of the soil. This process of ozonation of irrigation water can easily increase crop yields by up to 30% (this would be our commercial ozone unit used for farming and/or nurseries) or just stronger, healthier plants in one's garden (our domestic ozone unit).  

We operate in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg as far as Kyalami and also in the West Rand of Johannesburg.
Landscaping is our passion and we would love to design your dream garden for you! 

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