Formal Gardens:

A Formal garden or landscape is a very organized and structured garden and is synonymous with various aspects like Straight lines, symmetry, balance and Harmony. Originating from the European style of gardening, one thinks of grand palaces with vast landscaped gardens using strong lines and symmetry to create that distinct �Old world charm� and Romance that we all love so much. 

This style of landscaping is very successful used in small spaces like tiny townhouse gardens because you are often creating landscapes so close to the buildings and walls that have these straight lines and symmetry already, it often looks much better and in harmony to landscape the garden with the existing lines of the building, this is called modulating your garden landscape.

Certain features and plants that go hand in hand with this particular style of garden landscape are:

Plants:    Roses, lavender, hedges, various topiary and any other neat and tidy plants.

Feature:   Terracotta pots, classic concrete urns as water features, pergolas and wooden benches.

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