Water wise Gardens

This style of garden landscape is often aimed at being more maintenance free than most other landscaping styles of gardens.  It is most often done as an informal style of landscaping where one tries to immolate nature and natural conditions, using plants that are, often but not always, either indigenous or endemic to a specific area.  These plants are left, for the most part, to grow and look like they would in nature therefore giving the garden landscape that wild natural feel.

Water wise gardens are definitely becoming the way of the future in this country, given the scarcity of water and also the simplicity and reduced maintenance factors. The clever use of hard landscaping materials such as gravel, bark chips, paving to reduce the size lawned areas which are the main culprit when it comes to water and maintenance needs. 

This style of landscaping works well with more modern and contemporary styles of houses because of the use of very strong, architectural type plants like aloes and succulents, which helps compliment the garden landscape with architecture of the building.

Common features and plants in this type of landscape are:

Plants:   Anything water wise, aloes, succulents, indigenous and endemic plants

Features:   Gravel, rocks, railway sleeper�s curves and natural lines 

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