Garden landscaping is the art of designing and creating a specific look and feel in one's garden. A well landscaped garden should be something to be proud of and a feature of the property. Great additions to a landscaped garden are pergolas, wa

 Formal Gardens: A Formal garden or landscape is a very organized and structured garden and is synonymous with various aspects like Straight lines, symmetry, balance and Harmony. Originating from the European style of gardening, one thi

Water wise Gardens This style of garden landscape is often aimed at being more maintenance free than most other landscaping styles of gardens.  It is most often done as an informal style of landscaping where one tries to immolate nature and

A water feature is a great addition to any swimming pool or garden. We will create the perfect water feature based on your own ideas and preferences. We believe that water creates feelings of calmness and tranquility and therefore is essential in ad

The design used to landscape your stunning new garden will incorporate aspects of your favourite natural plant life and colours as well as any ideas you might have on how you would like your new surroundings to look. After a couple of meetings with

Garden and landscape irrigation systems: A well implemented irrigation system is a key ingredient for a successfully landscaped garden.  Irrigation systems correctly installed reduce maintenance and water wastage in gardens. There are many t

A koi pond is always a nice feature to have in one's garden. We build koi ponds according to your needs and specifications and give best advice as to what shape and size of koi pond will suit your garden or house. Koi are a great investment and

These units come in 5 different sizes and can produce enough ozone in a swimming pool, koi pond or a water storage tank to produce "gin clear" water of the highest purity.  Ozone generator range: Mzpf-1

We cut fire breaks on estates and plots........ 
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